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Our best ambassadors for our ballet school and the prestigious Crockett-Deane Ballet Company come from the dancers and their parents themselves.

Who better to convey the philosophies and strengths of our dance school than from the participants?

Below are some parent's testimonials and how their family's participation in the rigors of ballet positively impacted their lives.

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DDC Testimonials

For nine years. the Deane Dance Center was my 'second-home'. I started as a Level 1 ballet student when I was eight year-old and continued to train at Deane until I became a member of the Crockett Deane Ballet Company when I was in high school. I am forever grateful for the oppportunity to grow up in the 'ballet world' at the Deane Dance Center. The ballet instruction I recieved from the teachers at Deane was exceptional. Ballet training and performing were immensely important to my personal developemnt. The physical rigor, mental challenge, and feeling of emotional fufillment that comes with dancing is invaluable. I enjoyed being a part of the 'Deane family' during my years of training and developed extremely strong friendships with many of my fellow dancers. Although I am now a college student, I always return to Deane to take ballet classes when I am not home and I maintain the friendships that were created during my time at Deane. Most importantly, my years of training instilled a love for ballet within me that is and will always be an enormous factor in my life.
Claire Smith, 7/28/2010

If your child wants to dance any form he or she must have a solid foundation in ballet. There is no better place in Sacramento to get that foundation than Deane Dance Center. Our daughter has been dancing at Deane for two years and has show tremendous growth in technique and strength. With world class teachers and a solid syllabus we know that no area of our daughter's ballet education will be over looked.
Kristen Kroll, 7/25/2010

World-Class teachers, Founder of the Sacramento Ballet...for any serious student willing to put in 100% effort there is certainty of beautiful success.
Natalia Fong, 4/8/2010

Very professional yet so down-to-earth. Our girls have loved Deane for years! The older girls are so good with the little ones, they really engender a feeling of "family!"
Micki Gibbs, 4/17/2009

I've been a ballet student at DDC for over 10 years. I have attended other ballet schools in the area and can really tell the difference between them. Their instruction is consistant with great attention to detail and am constantly challenged. They have a great child through adult program and pre professional program. I recommend this school to anyone interested in ballet or dance. They know what they're doing.
Margaret Robey, 4/14/2009

This is the place to go for top-notch training for serious ballet dancers. All of the teachers were principle dancers for major companies and are excellent instructors. The environment is very positive.
Beth, 3/19/2009

My sister and I went to deane for about 10 years we grew up at this studio and made life long friends here. They are amazing and are very knowledgeable. Allyson, Don and Ms. Crockett are the best!!!
Vanessa Marquis, 3/8/2009

Our daughter has been dancing there for about 7 years, and loves it. They are definitely exceptional from many standpoints, but their real strength is in their great teachers.
Gsedad, 4/19/2008

Our family has a long history with Deane, and have consistently been impressed with the outstanding instruction, as well as the concern and caring of the teachers. After having been at several other schools prior to moving to Deane (and talking with other parents at various schools over the years), we believe that Deane's focus on teaching technique is one of the important things that sets them apart. Their staff is not only eminently qualified, but also very supportive of their students. Thank you, Deane staff, for providing a wonderful experience for our daughter over the years!
Kcampbell, 4/19/2008

The care and patience you have given me the past 3 1/2 years hopefully will pay off soon and I will be on my way in becoming a professional dancer! I could have never done it without you and will never forget what you have given me.
Ethan Knapp
(*Later that year Ethan Knapp joined South Columbia Ballet as a Soloist and became a professional dancer)

We wanted to thank you for such a wonderful ballet year. Sophia had lots of fun "learning" ballet. Your patience, Your love for ballet and you making ballet fun is greatly appreciated. Thank you again.
Mary Cichetti-Brennan

Thank you to all the teachers at Deane Dance Center. I got my first professional contract because of your wonderful training. Thank you!
Jason Linsley

Our eight year old daughter, Katie, has been at Deane Dance for several years now. In comparison with her prior (dance) school, we especially like the supportive rigor and technical quality of her classes at Deane Dance.
Dennis L, Jan 2005

My daughter has been involved with Deane Dance Center for six years now; two as a part-time (dance) student; one, full time with apprentice Company and three, full time with the senior Crockett-Deane Ballet Company. Driving one hour round trip plus spending up to ten to fifteen hours in class and rehearsals weekly, I have seen these wonderful classes affect my daughter in many healthy and beneficial ways. She has learned to organize her time to continue to keep her academic grades up along side of her school activities as a result of ballet classes at DDC. She has learned about musicality, classical music, timing, beat, movement, balance, muscle-memory, how to perform professionally and how to take criticism to benefit her performance. All she has learned at Deane Dance Center has affected all of our lives in a very positive way. She is in the midst of filling out college applications, and her personal statement definitely reflects on her years at DDC and how it helped her in so many ways towards her future. Our family has a deep appreciation for the professionalism of the studio shown towards their students since it helps their growth toward adult years with the physical activity of the beautiful art of ballet.
Karen & Frank R, Dec 2004